Open datasets

About open datasets

The value of big, open data research is undeniable, especially with the development of notable data-sharing initiatives and accessible resources. These resources are available for professionals interested in conducting research on ASC.

To bring awareness to these resources and progress ASC research, ShARL conducted a systematic review identifying and describing sources of multiple data types such as phenotypic, neuroimaging, and genetic data.

Open data resource tables

The resources organised in the below tables can be updated by ShARL and the research community. These tables are best viewed on a computer.

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The resources contain data either from individuals with ASC or data relevant to ASC research (eg from individuals with certain genetic profiles or syndromes related to ASC research).

Associated academic publication: R Al-jawahiri and E Milne. (2017). Resources available for autism research in the big data era: a systematic review. PeerJ, 5, e2880-e2880.

Autism open data resources

1 The data is not yet available: It is intended to be available in a future date according to the SFARI website.

2 There is no website or portal for the AED resource; however, the data is available via email requests to

3 The approximate number of ASD participants was found via email correspondence with

4 Accurate information regarding the approximate number of participants with ASC is not readily available on the website, due to the nature of the search functionality.

5 Data specifically from ASC participants are not necessarily available in all the different data types described in this table (therefore further specific enquiries directed to the ALSPAC team is advised).

Genetics and omics data resources